The Happiness Destiny…

I have been very busy in the studio lately trying to churn out fresh ideas and make good, I mean great drawings. This spawned from a conversation with another artist that is a draftsman and whose work inspires me unending. My mind was blown when he said “Make good drawings… no make GREAT drawings, the world’s best drawings ever created. Better then Durer, anyone”. It seems pretty naive I guess on my part to never think along those lines but I always thought we were to regard the Masters as that, Masters, and we were mere mortals. Now that that idea is blown out of the water I asked myself what do I find beautiful and what do I think would make the world’s best drawings????

So thus I stripped back some of the things I was doing and did this drawing for my first in my new series, Dialect of Animals. It is done on paper and measures in at 24″ x 40″. More to come from this and I will expand my thoughts and evolution on what I think constitutes a great drawing. 

If you would like to meet in person I will be talking about my work, going through the tools I use to create my drawings, and much more at Dick Blick in Chicago this Saturday. Feel free to come by and check it out. The flyer is posted below with the info. 

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